Premier Online

Our newly revamped registration platform Premier Online, is a haven for sports Event Organizers and participants alike. It is an easy one-stop-shop where Event Organizers can easily create and manager their events and where registrants can register in a few clicks.


Event Organizers

We pride ourselves in sparing the Event Organizers the headaches of worrying about another aspect of their event. Using Premier Online, event organizers can rest assured that their online registration process will go without a glitch and that they can focus their energy where it’s needed most: the event.
Event organizers are empowered with tools bespoke for the sports industry to create their events, for free, customize them based on the type of sport, and publish their event live when they are ready. Our platform is flooded with visits by sports enthusiasts looking for the next adventurous event to register for in the GCC and the region. The platform accepts multiple currencies to spare losses due to conversions. Premier Online will process the registrations, including cancellation, refunds, unforeseen event changes, and when the event is complete, will wire the registration fees to the event organizer in their local currency.


The majority of our participants are repeat registrants. This makes their journey easy and fast. With a few clicks, they can register and pay to any event. We do not need to bombard them with screens and forms of questions, because we already know their biodata, like gender, age, preferences, which allows for a faster checkout process. Our newsletter “Your week ahead” has amassed a cult like following, through which eager registrants discover and instantly register to new events every week.
Our platform is secure, robust and has stood the test of time, making it the leading sports registration platform in the UAE and the region, processing tens of thousands of registrations monthly.


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